3 days of premiere training education

Build aggressive training expertise. Join us March 15-17 for an unprecedented collaborative education event hosted by Mind Pump Media and Pre-Script®
3-day education event
March 15-17 - Mind Pump Media and Pre-Script® team up to host a weekend event dedicated to the tenacious pursuit of training expertise.
Stacked lineup
The event features a meticulously-curated series of educational and social events, including a full training course, panel Q&A, a special meet-and-greet with the Mind Pump team, and more!
Complete certification course
The headliner of the weekend: Pre-Script® Level 1 is a comprehensive training certification course centered on applied biomechanics and resistance training- the visceral foundations dictating success on the gym floor.
Event Details
Not your average weekend seminar
Join Pre-Script® and Mind Pump Media for an action-packed weekend of premiere training education, and bring your training practice to new heights.
Mind Pump Meet & Greet
Join Sal, Adam, Justin, and Doug for a special meet-and-greet. The Mind Pump team will be joined by Dr. Jordan Shallow from Pre-Script®
Panel Q&A Session
Ask the Mind Pump team and Jordan Shallow anything about fitness, business, or life.
Mind Pump Swag Bag
Get a free swag bag packed to the brim with Mind Pump goodies.
Live MP Podcast
First 10 Registrations Only!
Jordan Shallow joins the guys for a live Mind Pump podcast episode, and it promises to be a banger. Open to the first 10 registrants only!
Pre-Script® Level 1 Certification
The definitive applied biomechanics and resistance training certification course, acclaimed by high performing coaches, trainers, and athletes worldwide.
Functional anatomy & applied biomechanics
From foundational structures to integrated systems, learn the intricacies of how we create and optimize movement.
Advanced resistance training concepts
Coordinate and exploit stability, output, resistance profiles, strength curves, and load management for better results, faster.
Programming & progression
Design iron-clad training programs that eliminate redundancy, expand training bandwidth, and accelerate progress.
Pre-Script® Level 1 Online
The weekend is only the beginning. The full Level 1 course is expanded and intricately broken down over the 16 week interactive online component.
Live Classes
Each week includes a live lecture, along with 4 collaborative lab sessions to fortify understanding and application
Course Textbook Included
The 176-Page hardcover Pre-Script® Level 1 Manual, yours to keep.
Pre-Script® Collective Access
Our exclusive online coach’s community featuring a variety of weekly coaching development sessions.
Limited space available
Guarantee your spot in the most ambitious fitness education event of 2024. Reserve your seat today.
The world's best biomechanics course
Pre-Script® Level 1The definitive applied biomechanics and resistance training course, acclaimed by high performing coaches, trainers, and athletes worldwide.
Maximize training output
Accelerate progress, and achieve extraordinary results in less time.
Build lasting mobility
Methodically build lasting mobility and slash warm-up times.
Get the most out of every rep
Execute in harmony with the unique biomechanical features of each joint, muscle, and structure.
Eliminate redundancy
Eliminate redundant work and maximize training bandwidth for what really matters
Never deload again
Retain continuous intensity through exercise selection and programming.
Develop your coach’s eye
Confidently identify and solve complex movement restrictions and technical errors impeding progress
Course Overview
Unit-by-unit breakdown of the course modules composing the curriculum of the Pre-Script® Level 1 course.
Everything I wish they taught in school. Truly a certification in critical thinking, grounded in top tier anatomy and biomechanics.
— Kyle McKee
Powerlifting Coach, Kodiak Barbell
What You’ll Learn
A sneak preview of particular concepts of interest that you'll master in Pre-Script® Level 1- amongst many others.
Applied Biomechanics
Applied Biomechanics
A complete structure-by-structure, joint-by-joint, and muscle-by-muscle indexing of compound and isolation movement.
Stability & Output
Stability & Output
The intrinsic relationship between stability and output, and how to manage both aspects to expedite progress.
Progression & Regression Models
Progression & Regression Models
Implement models of progression and regression to persistently drive real progress in output and movement ability.
Execution Parameters
Execution Parameters
Manipulate movement execution in adherence to the unique biomechanical characteristics of each muscle, joint, and structure.
Resonant Training Modalities
Resonant Training Modalities
Use the right tool for the job: select the proper training implements and constraints according to desired outcome.
Load Management
Load Management
Cleverly manage load without sacrificing intensity by exploiting biomechanical features and program variables.
Assessments & Interventions
Assessments & Interventions
Accurately assess for active range and joint function, and implement interventions that build lasting mobility.
Design comprehensive programs that eliminate redundancy, open training bandwidth, and deliver faster results.
Working with Clients
Working with Clients
Conduct comprehensive client intake inquiries and assessments, and smoothly navigate each client session with confidence.
Ready to Get Involved?
Investment in expertise and practical capability doesn't just add up- it multiplies. Join Pre-Script® and Mind Pump for an intensive weekend dedicated to the development of training excellence.
Full Package
The complete weekend event - March 15-17 @ Mind Pump HQ, San Jose, California. Includes PSL1 Online.
Pre-Script® Level 1 certification course
Mind Pump team meet & greet
MP + Pre-Script® Panel Q&A
Live MP podcast recording (First 10 only!)
Everything in the Level 1 Online Only option
Level 1 Online Only
Can't join us for the weekend? No sweat. The complete Pre-Script® Level 1 course is available online.
Hardcover PSL1 Textbook Included ($125 Value)
Complementary Pre-Script® Collective Access ($175 Value)
16 Week Online Course
Weekly Live Lectures & Labs
Is Pre-Script® Level 1 Right for Me?
PSL1 is suitable for anyone looking to get more out of training.
Our alumni community encompasses a broad and diverse range of profiles- from professional athletes, to trainers and clinicians, to casual fitness enthusiasts.
The only requirement is that you’re keen to learn.
Structured for maximal practicality.
Real-world practicality is the cornerstone of the PSL1 curriculum. The course is structured such that concepts are immediately applicable, straight from week 1 onwards.
Learn at your own pace- really.
PSL1 is designed to accommodate relentlessly busy schedules. Attend lecture and lab sessions live, or watch them on-demand at your convenience- over and over again, with lifetime access.
Join a storied alumni community.
The thousands-strong PSL1 alumni community includes pro sports training staff, strength & bodybuilding coaches, olympians, clinicians, personal trainers, and recreational fitness enthusiasts.
Fully-Loaded with L1 Online
Backed by a dynamic learning environment and an expansive worldwide network of expertise, Pre-Script® Level 1 provides students with the tools and resources to get the most out of their learning experience.
Live Weekly Lectures & Interactive Labs
All course lectures and labs are delivered live (via Zoom). Lab sessions are interactive, allowing students to ask questions and engage with the instructor in real-time.
If you can't attend live, no sweat- every single session is recorded and uploaded to the course portal for on-demand viewing. Additionally, you'll have lifetime access to all recordings.
Pre-Script® Community Labs
Join weekly think tank group labs with past and present Pre-Script® course students. These labs are designed to help you apply the course material to real-world scenarios, and to help you develop your coaching skills.
These labs are hosted by Pre-Script® Collective coaches, and are a great way to network with other coaches and students.
Pre-Script® Collective
All event registrants and Pre-Script® Level 1 enrolees receive complimentary access to the Pre-Script® Collective for the duration of the online course.
The Pre-Script® Collective is a private online community of coaches, therapists, and athletes from around the world, boasting an extensive library of supplemental educational resources covering a massive range of training and nutrition topics.
About the Instructors
The Pre-Script® education team is composed of industry-acclaimed professionals, each boasting an extensive track record of success as coaches, athletes, and educators.
Jordan Shallow
Dr. Jordan Shallow
Pre-Script® Co-Founder
Jordan Shallow is a chiropractor, educator, and renowned elite sports performance coach. Jordan has worked with a multitude of professional athletes across various organizations, including the NFL, NBA, and NHL.
Jordan Jiunta
Dr. Jordan Jiunta
Pre-Script® Co-Founder
Jordan Jiunta is a chiropractor, a four-time CrossFit Games California Regionals athlete, and a USAW national-qualifying weightlifter.
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