New Client Setup Procedure

Log into MyPTHub if not already:

  1. Enter new client name and email -

  2. If client is a part of an established Member Group, e.g., RX’d Weekly, then add client to that group.

  3. If client has purchased either a CEP or high-tier subscription membership (WL, PL, HYPER), navigate to the client’s profile, add the matching Workout Group to client’s Workouts and then reload page to ensure workouts added correctly.

Add the new client to the appropriate program’s mailing list using the form below:

Log into Squarespace if not already:

  1. Navigate to the SquareSpace Commerce:

  2. Identify the order you just completed.

  3. Click on the order and a pop-up will appear with the order summary.

  4. At the bottom of the pop-up select “Mark Fulfulled.”