129.00 every month

The premier Pre-Script Weightlifting Program is a 12-week, 3-cycle periodized program to help you either peak for a meet or test new personal bests of the snatch and clean & jerk in the gym.

The training week is 5 sessions, consisting of 3 weightlifting-specific workouts to train the competition lifts, and 2 additional workouts designed to increase your stability and ROM, and ultimately promote recovery.

The first cycle focuses on building leg and pulling strength and uses unilateral work to decrease any asymmetries that may arise. In this phase, you can expect a lot of volume in the competition lifts, and an emphasis on drilling positions for correct and balanced movement. Through the second cycle, the overall volume decreases, but the intensity increases in the competition lifts and in squats, to build strength and lay a good foundation for the last cycle. An emphasis on hip and shoulder stability is seen throughout this phase. The third cycle is meant to get you in peak shape for either competition or training PRs.

Subscription membership means continuous programming, past these 12 weeks! Membership is billed monthly and requires a minimum 3-month commitment.