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Pre-Script™️ Nutrition Course - 2022

Nutrition is More Important Now than Ever.

To be a good coach, it is essential that you learn how nutrition impacts all aspects of your clients’ health and results in the gym.

Here's what you'll learn over the next 14-weeks with us:

  • Body composition: why bother? 

  •  Basics of energy balance: The “ins and outs” of nutrition and exercise 

  •  Assessing nutritional needs: measuring, analyzing, and interpreting body comp

  •  Using a biopsychosocial approach to nutritional assessment and programming 

  •  Exercise Biochemistry: Processing macros for max performance 

  •  Protein and Amino Acids: More than just building blocks

  •  Lipids: Fuel, hormone function, and brain health 

  •  Carbohydrates: Friend or Foe? 

  •  Fluids and Electrolytes: Proper hydration strategies for higher performance

  •  Elimination diets: From keto to carb cycling

  •  Stress, sleep quality, booze, and body composition

  • Supplements that support changes in body composition

  •  Intermittent fasting: general population vs athletes  

  •  Gut health and body composition: Is there a link? 


Classes Start in May 2022!!