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Pre-Script™️ Introduction to Olympic Weightlifting

The Pre-Script™️  Introduction to Weightlifting Course is a 5-week course dedicated to coaching the Olympic lifts, with over 4.5 hours of content. Included in the course is a weekly, live lab Q&A section for all of your discussion questions.

PS WL is an introduction to coaching, and provides a deeper understanding of the competition Olympic lifts -- the snatch and clean and jerk. This course will help you to safely and effectively coach an athlete with no prior knowledge or experience with the snatch and clean and jerk to become a proficient and accomplished lifter.

Over the 5 weeks, you will learn the principles of training for weightlifting: preparation, progression, execution; technique, evaluation, and program design. Week by week, we will discuss the prerequisites to perform all the foundational movements required for weightlifting -- squatting, pressing and pulling -- as well as common mobility and stability limitations that should be assessed and addressed prior to an athlete performing those movements.

Introduction to Weightlifting will also teach you how to determine and correct for common faults within the lifts, how to regiment a training program, and how to individualize a program to make it most appropriate for specific athletes or populations.