Platform Ready Pre-Script - 4 Week Program

Platform Ready Pre-Script - 4 Week Program


"Platform Ready" is a unique Pre-Script Program specifically designed to complement any powerlifter's training protocol.

Each week provides five days of intensive corrective exercise programing , three days which seamlessly integrates into your main lifts. These are strategically designed to off-set chronic movement patterns, create new end ranges of motion and dynamically stabilize your joints in order for you to consistently train at your highest level.

The program also includes two recovery sessions a week -- these will ensure that you are getting the most out your training and prepare your body for workouts to come.

Pre-Scriptions are delivered weekly through an app portal, and each corrective exercise includes a concise, detailed video description of the movement, to ensure proper cueing and execution of every drill in the program. 

Don't just "make it through your next meet," be Platform Ready.

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