Pre-Script® LEVEL 1 


JANUARY 13-14, 2024


Whether you’re a trainer, a coach, a clinician or an athlete, this in-person, hands-on coaching course will teach you everything you need to know about proper movement assessment, preparation and execution — the essentials to making your best even better, based on the Pre-Script® principles of Mobility-Stability-Strength®.


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Build Competence. Gain Confidence. 

The following topics will be covered:
  • Principles of Resistance Training: Learn the essential elements of effective and efficient resistance training.
  • Functional Anatomy: Students will be taught how to identify anatomical variations of muscular and structural anatomy that will allow them to confidently prescribe exercise specific to any clients' size or shape.
  • Applied Biomechanics: This course takes conventional biomechanics off the whiteboard, and onto the gym floor, allowing you to apply principles of human movement to your client's exercise selection and execution in order to expedite results and minimize risk. 
  • Exercise Programming: Learn how to select and structure, progress and regress exercises in a meaningful way that will streamline your coaching process and improve your client outcomes.

A New Outlook on Your Career

Each PSL1 coaches seminar is set up to make learning exciting and re-ignite your passion for coaching.

  • A Hands-On Approach to Learning: Learn real-world approaches to improving the outcomes of your clients, patients, and athletes. from some of the best clinicians in the world
  • Expand Your Professional Network: Spend the weekend sharpening your tools while connecting with other top coaches, clinicians, and athletes in your community.
  • Exclusive Coaches Community: Join thousands of other Pre-Script® coaches from around the world in our exclusive community reserved for PSL1 Alumni! [all attendees receive 4-months free access - $140 value!]

Excel in the world of lifting & fitness

“Pre-Script® has elevated the way I think as an athlete and a coach. The way I approach training myself and my client is more logical & less redundant.”

Daphne Zhang


"Far and away the most impactful education I have undergone. Grateful for the opportunity to have learned from some of the best!”⁣

Ethan B.⁣

This program is like no other.

"The knowledge around biomechanics, anatomy, and programming is beyond incredible and has definitely given me the confidence and understanding I needed to progress my career.”

Darian Bates

The Only Pre-Script® Seminar in Australia in 2024!

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Become Pre-Script® Level 1 Certified. 

This 2-day hands-on course lays the foundation for your continued Pre-Script® education. Following on, you will be registered as a student for our 17-week Level 1 Online Coaching Certification [$1600 value].

Nothing beats real life connections made in person. But we're passionate about making you THE BEST at your craft... so we continue to give you all the tools you need.

100% Online

Anyone, anywhere can participate.
Plus - all lectures are recorded for you to rewatch at your convenience.  

2 Hrs/Week of Live Online Lectures

Taught by Pre-Script® Founder, Dr. Jordan Shallow D.C. and Pre-Script® Coach Killian Hamilton.   

Access to 4 Weekly Interactive Labs

To further your understanding and elicit intelligent questioning and thought processes around topics covered.   

Expand Your Knowledge. Increase Your Value.

The PSL1 Manual is included at no extra cost for every student! A visually stunning and comprehensive hardcover textbook that expands on theory and application covered within the Level One Curriculum. [$125 value]

Your Instructor:

Dr Jordan Shallow, D.C.


Jordan is a chiropractor and a competitive powerlifter who champions getting movement right, from the outset. Jordan's patients and clients range from world-class athletes to 9-5 weekend warriors. Understanding the needs of the individual, and the subsequent demands that a particular lifestyle imposes on each person, is the cornerstone on which his clinical practice is built and provides the guidance for him to provide the best care, to everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lionstone Gym
7/45 McArthurs Rd
Altona North
VIC 3025

January 13-14, 2024

There are no specific prerequisites for taking this course. 

This course is valuable for ANYONE in the fitness or rehab space who wants to expand their knowledge in order to provide the best programming and results possible for their clientele. 

I Strongly Recommend this Course to Any & Everyone!

"One of the best courses I have ever taken. I have seen a drastic improvement in my clients' success as well as my ability to critically think through every situation."

Liam Birkwood - RMT

I Have Become a Better Coach

"This course elevated my competency in understanding the principles behind real practice in the weight room and how to transition an athlete from thinking about a task to acting on the task."

Bianchi Kimble - Powerlifting Coach / Record Holder

This Course Will Make You Think

"I could not recommend this course enough to absolutely anyone in the field regardless of experience or education level. This course will make you a more capable coach and athlete."

Calvin Burgess - Physique Athlete


Group & Corporate Rates Available

Register today to join the thousands of Pre-Script® trainers, coaches, clinicians, and athletes spanning over 20 countries!

If you're looking to upskill your team, or you have friends who are interested, we offer group and corporate rates.

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