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Pre-Script® Level 1: The definitive applied biomechanics and resistance training course acclaimed by high performing coaches, trainers, and athletes worldwide.
Maximize training output, accelerate progress, and achieve extraordinary results in less time
Get the most out of every rep: execute in harmony with the features of each joint, muscle, and structure
Never deload again: retain continuous intensity through exercise selection and programming
Methodically build lasting mobility and slash warm-up times
Eliminate redundant work and maximize training bandwidth for what really matters
Confidently identify and solve complex movement restrictions and technical errors impeding progress
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The complete encyclopedia of resistance training

16 Week Online Course

Pre-Script® Level 1 is a comprehensive expedition into the domain of applied biomechanics, the visceral foundation that dictates success on the gym floor. The course takes a principles-first approach to the fundamental basis of resistance training, breaking up the physiology of human movement and performance into a hierarchy of components and groups.
We subsequently traverse this hierarchy from the bottom up- progressively examining individual elements while integrating each into coherent functional units. The final result is an exhaustive definition of the performant movement system.
Course overview
Unit 1: The Shoulder & Hip
5 Weeks
The course begins by conducting a thorough examination of the physiology and mechanics of the two major peripheral hubs of stability- the shoulder and the hip. This section introduces the fundamental principles of function and indexing in the context of human movement, which establishes a conceptual and taxonomic framework from which we explore the course’s material.
With this base framework in mind, we dissect each hub into its composite functional components, and reintegrate the pieces to reveal practical training interventions that build mobility and enhance performance.
Unit 2: The Spine
3 Weeks
Next, the course moves onto the oft-misunderstood central hub of stability: the spine. This section extends the foundational principles established in Unit 1, examining the spine’s composite functional components, and exploring its contribution to systemic human movement.
We explain the crucial mechanical and neural facets that differentiate the spine from the shoulder and hip, and address common spine training misconceptions endemic in the collective training community. Finally, we discuss methods to properly train the spine, which offers a wealth of mobility and performance benefits often shrouded by reluctance and ignorance.
Unit 3: Upper Body Training
5 Weeks
Where the rubber meets the road: after establishing the basis of human movement, we thoroughly explore the nuts and bolts of resistance training through a biomechanical lens. This section introduces the core principles of effective resistance training, and elaborates on the physiological mechanisms that drive progress.
We carefully examine each upper body muscle, and integrate the principles of shoulder movement and function introduced in Unit 1 to build a high resolution image of upper body training. We discuss practical approaches to load management and programming to assure long-term consistent progress.
Unit 4: Lower Body Training
3 Weeks
After firmly establishing the principles of effective resistance training, the focus then shifts to the lower body.
This section conducts an exhaustive inventory of lower body musculature, and applies the principles of hip movement and function introduced in Unit 1 to provide a complete schematic of lower body training.
What you'll learn
Functional Anatomy
Applied Biomechanics
A complete structure-by-structure, joint-by-joint, and muscle-by-muscle indexing of compound and isolation movement.
Functional Anatomy
Stability & Output
The intrinsic relationship between stability and output, and how to manage both aspects to expedite progress.
Functional Anatomy
Execution Parameters
Manipulate movement execution in adherence to the unique biomechanical characteristics of each muscle, joint, and structure.
Functional Anatomy
Resonant Training Modalities
Use the right tool for the job: select the proper training implements and constraints according to desired outcome.
Functional Anatomy
Progression & Regression Models
Implement models of progression and regression to persistently drive real progress in output and movement ability.
Functional Anatomy
Assessments & Interventions
Accurately assess for active range and joint function, and implement interventions that build lasting mobility.
Functional Anatomy
Load Management
Cleverly manage load without sacrificing intensity by exploiting biomechanical features and program variables.
Functional Anatomy
Design comprehensive programs that eliminate redundancy, open training bandwidth, and deliver faster results.
Functional Anatomy
Working with Clients
Conduct comprehensive client intake inquiries and assessments, and smoothly navigate each client session with confidence.
Course module breakdown
Module 1.
Course Introduction, Fundamentals, and Taxonomy
Module 2.
Shoulder Anatomy, Assessment, and Function
Module 3.
Shoulder Movement Prep and Integration
Module 4.
Hip Anatomy, Assessment, and Function
Module 5.
Hip Stability and Skill
Module 6.
Hip Movement Prep and Integration
Module 7.
Introduction to the Spine
Module 8.
Spine Core 4 and TLF
Module 9.
Deep Spine
Module 10.
Resistance Profiles, Strength Curves, and Training Variables
Module 11.
Pectoralis Major
Module 12.
Latissmus Dorsi
Module 13.
Module 14.
Biceps and Triceps
Module 15.
Rhomboids and Traps
Module 16.
Module 17.
Module 18.
Module 19.
Module 20.
Client Assessments and Intake
Pre-Script Level 1
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Dr. Jordan Shallow, D.C.
Pre-Script® Founder
Jordan Shallow is a chiropractor and a competitive powerlifter who champions getting movement right, from the outset. Jordan's patients and clients range from world-class athletes to 9-5 weekend warriors. Understanding the needs of the individual, and the subsequent demands that a particular lifestyle imposes on each person, is the cornerstone on which his clinical practice is built and provides the guidance for him to provide the best care, to everyone.
Killian Hamilton
Pre-Script® Coach
Killian Hamilton is a competitive powerlifter and strength coach. Having competed and coached athletes at the National and World level, he believes that at its core, strength is a skill, and acquiring that skill is paramount in the pursuit of performance.
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