Subscription Membership

Founded in the philosophy upon which we built our Corrective Exercise Programs, our Subscription Membership Programs are designed to balance asymmetries, build strength, and have you moving and performing your best, both on and off the platform. Membership makes you a part of the Pre-Script Team, and grants you access to our members-only community, to our Pre-Script Coaches, to exclusive discounts on educational materials, and to webinars and Q&A sessions tailored specifically to your needs. Continuous programming means that members receive training year-round, and, members are encouraged to directly express their needs in training to help us develop new programs over time.

What occurs after the initial phase of the programming is dependent upon and influenced by you! Our mission is to help you reach your fitness and performance goals and stay healthy as you do, so that you can continue to perform well and perform strong in the sport that you love, for years to come.

Membership is billed monthly and requires a minimum 3-month commitment (4-month for HYPER).

Corrective Exercise Programs

Are you never feeling quite right? Is it that shoulder impingement, that hip flexor/knee/ankle, or some other painful limiting factor that perhaps hasn’t taken you out completely, but that is preventing you from progressing in training and getting stronger? Are you not performing your best on the platform, or even moving well in your day to day life? We say, Life’s Too Short for Sh*t Workouts. Threaded into each Corrective Exercise Program is the foundation of the Pre-Script philosophy: Mobility, Stability, Strength.

These programs are designed to help you address and balance the asymmetries in your movement patterns, increase your range of motion and stabilize your positions, so that you can finally train without limitations and build the strength you desire. Each program can be easily integrated into your regular training, or can be used for active recovery and pre-habilitation.

So, try one, try them all, just Get Moving.

Purchase of a Corrective Exercise Program grants you time-limited access to the members-only community. Love how you feel? Take advantage of a club discount (and some other booty swag) on other Pre-Script services that you’ll receive with your program!