Resistance Profiles, Strength Curves, and the Length-Tension Relationship

Hosted by Eric Bugera, Pre-Script® Coach

Lengthened, shortened, and mid-range. How well do you understand this nauseatingly prolific topic?
This webinar will explain the underlying physiology behind the length-tension relationship:

✔️ How it informs the strength curve of your muscle

✔️And how to tailor the resistance profile of an exercise to better serve your goals 

Don't just repeat the words, actually know how to apply them.

✔️ Industry-leading instructor

✔️ Recorded for viewing at any time

✔️ ANYone, ANYwhere can join completely free.

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ERIC BUGERA Eric has completed his master's degree in kinesiology studying exercise immunology – primarily investigating the potential hypertrophy mechanisms behind blood flow restricted resistance training. As a career personal trainer, Eric's curiosity has driven him to collect as much knowledge as possible, complimenting his kinesiology background with a second undergraduate degree in human nutritional sciences. Eric believes that gaps in knowledge are often the root cause of client struggles. This passion for education led him to Pre-Script™ where he continues to learn and apply from his colleagues, all the while using his skill in knowledge translation to best assist Pre-Script™ student's from all corners of the fitness industry.