Pre-Script Level 1 Coaching Certification

Give us 16 weeks, and we'll give you a new outlook on your career. 

  • Live Lectures: 2 hours per week of live online lectures
  • 100% Online: Anyone, anywhere can participate with our integrative online classroom forum.

  • Coaches Community: Access our exclusive online coaches community!

  • PSL1 Textbook ($399 value)
  • All the Tools You Need to Take Your Fitness Career to the Next Level!

Class Starts first week of June 2022 & Registration Is Open!



Pre-Script™ Nutrition is Finally Here!

Dr Dwayne Jackson brings you a 14-week deep dive into the science behind the tools and fundamental concepts necessary to design and deliver personalized science-based nutritional programming.

Class Starts Early May & Registrations are Open!


Pre-Script Newsletter

What is Pre-Script?

Pre-Script is a principles-based education company dedicated to pushing the boundaries of human performance by forging better coaches and creating better athletes.

From the classroom to the weight room, Pre-Script provides solutions for coaches and athletes ranging from the core curriculum of our certification courses to the reps and sets of our training programs. 

Implementing our principles of Mobility-Stability-Strength™, we push to make your best, even better. 


What Pre-Scriptâ„¢ Program Members Have Shared

“Pre-Script has elevated the way I think as an athlete and a coach. The way I approach training myself and my client is more logical and the exercise selection is less redundant. Because the class is on a weekly basis, I was able to apply what I learned right away. Overall, I highly recommend all athletes and coaches to take this class if they want to excel in the world of lifting and fitness.”


"The Pre-Script Level 1 Course is in my eyes, an absolute must if you are a coach in the S&C world or Personal Trainer. Jordan's information is excellent and delivery easy to understand, but his challenge of then getting you to think critically about how it applies to your world is the biggest takeaway. Not just another "this is how you do it" course. Rather, here's the knowledge now go apply, learn and reapply.”


"This program is like no other. The live lectures mean that the delivery is more tailored to give you the best advantage! The knowledge around biomechanics, anatomy, and programming is beyond incredible and has definitely given me the confidence and understanding I needed to progress my career. I would 100% recommend Pre-Script to everyone and anyone in the health and fitness industry!"