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Give us 5 weeks and you'll develop a much deeper understanding of the competition Olympic lifts -- the snatch and clean and jerk -- and learn how to safely and effectively coach an athlete at these movements. 

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Part of being a good coach is about being able to unpack movements - Seeing the components in isolation and adjusting the programming to match. ⠀⁣⁣

This course will help you to safely and effectively assess, correct and progress an athlete with no prior knowledge or experience with the snatch and clean and jerk to become a proficient and accomplished lifter.




With this course to you will get 5 weeks of in-depth lectures, tutorials, and labs progressing through the following movements :

  • Squat variations
  • Jerk variations
  • Clean
  • Snatch
  • Barbell Press


We will lay out a step-by-step approach to the principles of training for weightlifting:

  • Preparation
  • Progression
  • Execution
  • Technique
  • Evaluation
  • Program design


Introduction to Weightlifting will also teach you how to determine and correct for common faults within the lifts, how to regiment a training program, and how to individualize a program to make it most appropriate for specific athletes or populations.

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This is an online automated course, meaning the content will be available for you to review as often as you want!


Although there is no set start date, you will still have consistent support and community as you work through these next 5 weeks.


Week by week, via video coaching and LIVE Q&A's, we will discuss the prerequisites to perform all the foundational movements required for weightlifting -- squatting, pressing and pulling -- as well as common mobility and stability limitations that should be assessed and addressed prior to an athlete performing those movements. 

"This course is a game-changer for anyone looking to improve their lifting, or their ability to coach lifting to their clients."


The Pre-Script®  Introduction to Weightlifting Course goes into in-depth detail on every aspect of making YOU a better coach and being able to account for all aspects of Olympic weightlifting!⁣⁣⁣
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"As a clinician and competitive weightlifter myself, trying to find a course that will bridge the gap between clinical world and practical applications is really difficult. I truly enjoy the fact that the course was offered at my own pace and I had a full 5 weeks to gasp and understand the material before the new material came out. 
I was truly impressed with the importance of the wording and utilizing the proper terms on range of motion and the importance of the bio mechanics inside of the lift.
To conclude, the structure of the course was by far the best of all. Going from the squat  as the foundation of the Olympic lift was great. From different seminars and classes I attended the squat wasn't an overview until the snatch and clean and jerk were over. The fact of starting with the foundation of both lifts and keeping the same drills as a progression and creating familiarity for the athlete is incredible. Weightlifting is a weird sport and keeping it simple is hard. 
Love the work and the energy that was put out with this course. Thank you"


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"What can I say about the Pre-Script Weightlifting course other than it's pure gold!

In an age where every fitness professional is trying to find the best format to share their message, Jordan Jiunta has done it.

I took the Weightlifting course in the middle of the pandemic when gyms weren’t open and in a NYC apartment having a barbell and bumper plates wasn’t an option. In spite of this, the material was so thorough and easy to digest, I was able to develop a greater understanding for a discipline I didn’t have any experience in. 

The video content was detailed and organized and I was able to enjoy the process so much that at times my 8 year old daughter would grab our broomstick and practice the drills as I coached her.

This wasn’t the first Pre-Script course I’d taken and it for sure will not be the last. I’d recommend this to anyone seeking a thorough understanding not only of the competitive lifts but all the nuances that go into the biomechanics of each lift. Jiunta is the people’s weightlifting coach for sure!!!"



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