Fundamentals of Hypertrophy

8-Week Online Certification Course with Eric Bugera

Join us for a comprehensive look at the essentials of hypertrophy training. A principle-guided course – providing the tools to design and execute highly adaptable hypertrophy programming.


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100% Online

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Live Lectures

1 hour per week of LIVE online lectures & 2 hours per week of LIVE online labs, taught by Pre-Script® coach Eric Bugera

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Adaptability is Indicative of Mastery.

Pre-Script® Fundamentals of Hypertrophy delivers the knowledge you need in the most practically applicable way possible. 

From online to the gym floor – this 8-week certification course will provide you with actionable take-aways to immediately apply to your workouts.


This 8-week course will cover the following topics to bolster your understanding of hypertrophy training.


  • Anatomy and Physiology: The essentials of the musculoskeletal system.
  • Energy Systems: How the energy systems interface with hypertrophy training.
  • Mechanistic Triggers of Hypertrophy: Strategies to trigger a hypertrophy response.
  • Biomechanical & Training Considerations: Individualizing and optimizing your training.
  • Molecular Underpinnings of Hypertrophy: What’s really going on under the hood – a better framework for training and recovery.
  • Programming Strategies: Practical application – using the fundamentals of hypertrophy to serve you and your clients under any circumstance.

To better further your comprehension and application of these principles, this course comes complete with:

  • Live Lectures: 8 Weeks of lectures delivered live and recorded to be viewed and replayed at anytime.
  • Weekly Interactive Labs: Weekly Labs functioning as Q and A’s as well as group discussions surrounding theories and homework delivered in lectures.
  • An Exclusive Coaching Community: Join our online community of thousands of Pre-Script® coaches from around the world, discuss ideas and develop relationships with the most in demand coaches in your industry.

Be a Better Coach.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Every live lecture is recorded and archived. If for whatever reason a student cannot attend live, that lecture recording will be sent to them for their review for the rest of the week.

Yes, there is an 8-week cumulative evaluation to ensure the highest quality of Pre-Script Certified Coaches. We prepare for this test with quarterly reviews and weekly Q&A sessions.

Class times will be established to reach the greatest amount of students, across the greatest amount of time zones. The semester will start on April 17th, 2023!


When registration re-opens, we'll send you a discount code for 5% off course registration.

Learn From the Best

ERIC BUGERA Eric has completed his master's degree in kinesiology studying exercise immunology – primarily investigating the potential hypertrophy mechanisms behind blood flow restricted resistance training. As a career personal trainer, Eric's curiosity has driven him to collect as much knowledge as possible, complimenting his kinesiology background with a second undergraduate degree in human nutritional sciences. Eric believes that gaps in knowledge are often the root cause of client struggles. This passion for education led him to Pre-Script® where he continues to learn and apply from his colleagues, all the while using his skill in knowledge translation to best assist Pre-Script™ student's from all corners of the fitness industry.