The principles of bending heavier bars.

Founded on advanced training principles, battle-tested at the highest levels of strength sports. Pre-Script® Barbell integrates applied biomechanics with real-world iron.
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The end of the career intermediate.
9 weeks to comprehensive mastery of barbell strength training, from rank novice to super elite. Class begins April 4.
Maximize training output
Cut redundancy, ditch junk volume, and get the most out of every session.
Drive consistent progress
Expertly balance strength, hypertrophy, skill development, and fatigue.
Exploit individual anatomy
Blunt the effects of mechanical weaknesses and double-down on strengths.
Gain the expert’s eye
Confidently Identify and solve technique faults impeding progress.
Program from novice to elite
Write bulletproof programming to accelerate progress at any level.
Learn live or on-demand
All lecture & lab sessions are recorded. Enjoy permanent access to all class recordings and course resources.
What you'll learn
Master the discipline of raw strength.
Pre-Script® Barbell has led thousands in the strength discipline to elite performance, relentless progress, and lasting durability. It’s time to join them.
Barbell biomechanics
Learn battle-tested Pre-Script® applied biomechanics principles, and how they uniquely apply to barbell training.
Anatomical factors
Leverage lifter-specific variances in anatomy to blunt mechanical weaknesses and amplify natural strengths.
Advanced programming
Program aptly for lifters of all levels of skill and progression. Minimizing training redundancy, and expedite progress.
Fixing problems
Identify technique errors and inefficiencies, and implement precise interventions to swiftly resolve them.
Fatigue & periodization
Keep training productive. Model progressive training phases to drive continuous progress and minimize setbacks.
Load management
Leverage strength, hypertrophy, skill, stability, and mobility training to modulate workload and avoid forced deloads.
Progression models
Integrate intent-based exercise selection with frequency, volume, and intensity parameters to maximize stimulus.
Comprehensive technique
Know the execution of the big 3, from setup to re-rack. Tweak technique to suit individual mechanical leverages.
Pre-Script® Barbell dives deep into the squat, bench, and deadlift- complete with programming for different skill levels, and coaching for lifter-specific anatomy.
— Bryce MacArthur
Owner, B3 Coaching
Course Overview
Applied biomechanics meets real-world iron
The definitive compendium of developing elite performance under the bar, tailored to high performing coaches and ambitious athletes.
[ 3 Weeks ]
Unit 1
The Squat
The course begins with an exploration of the squat, meticulously dissecting setup, execution, and common mistakes and weaknesses, interpreting each facet through the lens of applied biomechanics. We examine the impact of unique anatomical variations on execution, and discuss technical tweaks to help overcome them.
This section establish a core taxonomic framework for barbell training. We introduce and apply fundamental Pre-Script® training principles, as well as the essential concepts of progressive programming and skill development.
[ 3 Weeks ]
Unit 2
The Bench Press
Next, the course moves onto the bench press. We apply the foundational framework established in Unit 1 to the technical, coaching, and programming facets of the lift.
We take stock of the specific complexities posed by upper body structures- the ribcage, scapulae, and thoracic spine. We discuss the cascading effect of structural biases on bench press setup and execution, from leg drive to bar path.
[ 3 Weeks ]
Unit 3
The Deadlift
The focus then shifts to the deadlift. This section examines the lift in exhaustive detail, using our established foundational framework to understand its technique, coaching, and programming.
This section investigates the widely misunderstood constraint of the spine, and how it affects execution. We explore integrated programming strategies to preserve recovery, prevent setbacks, and keep progress driving forward.
Course Module Breakdown
Overview of modules composing each course unit.
I can't recommend Pre-Script® enough- regardless of whether you're a lifter or a coach. This course has been invaluable in understanding how to get stronger, faster- and safer.
— David Joplin
Powerlifting Coach & Competitor
About the Instructors
More about the minds and voices behind Pre-Script® Barbell- Dr. Jordan Shallow and Stu Locke- each with an extensive track record of success as coaches, athletes, and educators.
Dr. Jordan Shallow
Co-Founder, Pre-Script®
Jordan Shallow is a chiropractor, educator, and renowned elite sports performance coach.
Jordan has worked with a multitude of professional athletes across various organizations, including the NFL, NBA, and NHL.
Stu Locke
Owner, Kodiak Barbell
Stu Locke is the owner of Kodiak Barbell, a boutique coaching organization responsible for producing countless elite-level powerlifters.
In addition to his coaching pursuits, Stu is an active elite-level powerlifter.

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Pre-Script® BarbellOrchestrate the intricacies of barbell training and applied biomechanics into a model of elite strength and performance development.
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The 270-Page hardcover Pre-Script® Barbell Manual, shipped to your door.
Complementary Pre-Script® Collective access
Our exclusive online coach’s community featuring a variety of weekly coaching development sessions.
Earn 0.9 NSCA / NASM CEUs upon successful completion of the course.
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Pre-Script® Barbell is a fantastic course. Each lift is thoroughly scrutinized, from top to bottom. My favourite aspect was the detailed analysis of coaching for individualized anatomy.
Amber Dawn
Powerlifting Coach & Competitor
Built to help you succeed
Pre-Script® Barbell is backed by an expansive suite of resources and an integrated learning environment.
Course Textbook Included
The 270-page hardcover course textbook, shipped to your door.
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Join class sessions live, or catch up at your convenience. Enjoy lifetime access to all lecture and lab recordings.
Comprehensive Video Library
Each live session is accompanied by a suite of engaging videos, extensively detailing assistance exercises, assessments, and mobility/stability drills.
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