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8 Weeks • Starting July 24, 2023


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The Physiology of Performance

8 Week Online Course

By the end of this course, you will...

Drive real results in a wide spectrum of clients and athletes, from gen pop to elite athletics
Confidently guide clients to complete physical literacy
Leverage intelligent exercise selection to eliminate unnecessary stress/fatigue
Implement constraints and thoughtful cueing to expedite progression
Balance fatigue, stress, and performance to optimize training success
Adeptly use problem solving strategies to enable clients to reach any goal and overcome any obstacle

Course Overview


Part A: First Principles and Concepts

The first 4 weeks of Skill Acquisition will cover the First Principles of Skill Acquisition, providing a detailed history into the origins and notable minds behind the Skill Acquisition Model and its adjacent thought processes. We’ll work through the Cognitive phase from the Coach and Client perspective to understand how to truly meet our client’s where they’re at.


Part B: Associative Phase

The next 2 weeks are focused on applying the concepts and strategies from the Cognitive Phase to real time Motor Learning. Learn how to manage the Volume and Intensity of Skill Work to take into account the External and Internal Stressors of your client/athlete. Understand the the theories behind Association and Strength Theory (how to retain and retrieve information and memories) and how that influences how we coach and constrain the more Specific or Skilled Work to ensure technique is improved at the most efficient rate.


Part C: Autonomous Phase and Performance Considerations

The final 2 weeks answer the questions "What happens when technique breaks down?" and "Should I just push through?"

Learn and develop strategies that create the necessary stimulus for physiological change while still addressing technical weak points. Build out exercise selection systems to promote the positional awareness and athletic capacities your client needs for high performance.

What You'll Learn...

Principles of Skill Acquisition
The Fitts and Posner Skill Acquisition model, and its application to complex movement.
Cognitive Development
The fundamental frameworks of learning, rooted in Piaget's theory of cognitive development.
Learning Strategies
The strategies and techniques that improve the rate of learning and the retention of developed skill.
Complex Task & Motor Learning
The application of skill acquisition and learning models to facilitate the development of complex motor tasks.
How constraints can expedite movement literacy, rooted in the Newell Constraints Model.
Internal and External Factors
The internal (trainee) and external (environment) factors that facilitate and hamper skill development.
Performance Considerations
How to harness autonomous skill to maximize performance.
Task-Centric Movement Prep
How to model warm-ups to reinforce the development of the day's training focus.
Advanced Programming
How to implement programming that maximizes skill development and minimizes stress and fatigue.

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Meet Your Instructor

Killian Hamilton

Pre-Script® Coach

Killian is a competitive powerlifter and strength coach. Having competed and coached athletes at the National and World level, he believes that at its core, strength is a skill, and acquiring that skill is paramount in the pursuit of performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Classes start with our first live lecture on July 24th.

Live lecture and lab times will be established to reach the greatest amount of students, across the greatest amount of time zones.

Recordings of all lectures and labs will be provided to review at your convenience. 

Yes - at the conclusion of the course term, there will be a multiple choice test. You will receive a certificate upon successful completion of the test.

Anyone can take this course - there are no specific prerequisites. It serves as an excellent companion course to not only the Pre-Script® Level 1 course, but also to the Pre-Script®  Barbell and Weightlifting courses.

This course is valuable for ANYONE in the fitness or rehab space who wants to expand their knowledge in order to provide the best programming and results possible for their clientele. 

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When registration re-opens, we'll send you a discount code for 5% off course registration.