Performance training meets performance nutrition.

Pre-Script® Performance Nutrition: The complete nutritional schematic to extraordinary performance in the gym, on the platform, and on the pitch.
Drive the optimal expression of strength, speed, and athletic ability in training and competition
Build better athletes - magnify training outcomes through supporting the unique needs of competitive athletes
Design highly effective and individualized nutrition plans according to performance goals
Confidently navigate individual responses to nutrition interventions, and successfully impart healthy habits
Power top-level performance on game day with fail-proof nutrition strategies and precise intervention timing
Minimize the impact of interruptions provoked by the menstrual cycle and other biochemical disruptions
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Elite output demands sophisticated input.
10 Week Online Course
Apply tried and true nutritional principles to propel your clients to new heights of performance. Own every element of nutrition coaching with a complete understanding of client intake and assessment, how food fuels performance and recovery, lifestyle factors that affect performance, and mechanisms of behavior change. Break through plateaus with a principles based approach to Performance Nutrition.
Course overview
Unit 1
Macronutrients & Nutritional Physiology
The course begins with the foundational layer of practical nutrition, carefully examining the molecular and physiological nuts-and-bolts of nutrition as the body’s fundamental source of energy. This unit analyzes the structure, function, and metabolism of each macronutrient, introducing their unique role in performance and recovery.
With a confident understanding of the basic physiological building blocks, we explore the nutritional physiology of transforming food into movement, dissecting the metabolic pathways powering peak performance.
Unit 2
Nutrition Coaching
In practical contexts, effective nutrition coaching is an ever-shifting balance of art and science. This unit comprehensively details the practice of nutrition coaching, and the development of highly effective & individualized nutrition plans.
Once we’ve solidified the mechanics of nutrition coaching, we explore the finer points of energy balance- how the contrasting and accommodating facets of positive and negative balances affect physiology, psychology, training readiness, and recovery.
Unit 3
Advanced Nutrition & Performance
Nutrition for athletic populations is a domain every bit as additionally complex as general nutrition. After firmly establishing the practice of nutrition coaching, we move onto unraveling and mastering this complicated landscape.
This section carefully scrutinizes the specific and nuanced needs of competitive athletes, revealing an intimate perspective of the unique and imposing demands of training and competition, and how the body needs to respond to those demands. We connect the dots between sleep, hydration, and performance, and explore how lifestyle factors enhance or impair training and recovery.
We examine advanced physiological considerations, including thermoregulation, hormonal balance, and the female menstrual cycle. We unravel the oft-misinterpreted conditions triggered by low energy availability.
Unit 4
Case Studies
Where the rubber metaphorically meets the road. This unit focuses on case studies to comprehensively understand the application of these nutritional principles in diverse athletic environments.
We explore the finer points of working with clients of all stripes, with a particular focus on psychology and behaviour change. We expand upon foundational principles of the nutrition coaching practice- structuring a detailed client history, identifying opportunities for improvement, and implementing an individualized plan to change behavior.
What You'll Learn
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High performance output requires high performance nutrition. Catalyze your training expertise with nutrition mastery, and drive unprecedented results.
10 Week Online Course
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Meet Your Instructor
Phil Smith
ISSN Sports Nutrition Specialist, Pre-Script® Coach
Phil Smith is an Accredited Performance Nutritionist with over 10 years’ experience working with high level athletes, ranging from strength-based sports, endurance athletes, and elite players within team environments as high as the NFL. He has expanded his reach over the last 5 years to help teach other coaches and nutritionists learn more about the nutritional sciences and how they can impact their athlete’s performance.
For his own part, Phil is a former national level powerlifter, novice strongman and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu enthusiast. He knows first-hand what it feels like to prepare for a competition and the considerations that come with an event day.
James Macintosh
Pre-Script® Coach & Educator
James is an ex powerlifter, online coach, Pre-Script® educator and coach. He believes that education is not just theory but, more importantly, applying what we are taught. James takes a detailed approach to the art of coaching by facilitating conversations to improve communication, programming and training protocols for coaches to develop their services.
James coaches elite-level athletes and bodybuilders to competitions on the world stage. He has helped multiple bodybuilders acquire their pro cards and continue to win shows through his meticulous programming and razor-sharp focus on nutrition. His expertise in reading blood panels and making nutritional adjustments in order to maximize performance is well-renowned in the bodybuilding world.
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