Pre-Script® Performance Mechanics

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10 Weeks • Starting July 18, 2023


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1 hour per week of live online lectures


Weekly interactive lab sessions with your instructor and fellow classmates.


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This course is accredited by both the NSCA & NASM institutions.


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Corrective Exercise  Exercising Correctly

10 Week Online Course

By the end of this course, you will...

Identify and solve complex movement problems impeding progress
Master the unique movement mechanics of each significant joint and structure
Implement the fastest interventions to improve performance
Use specific movement assessment tools for real-time troubleshooting
Understand the most common mechanisms of musculoskeletal pain
Build better programs for long-term success

Course Overview

This course is designed to ensure you understand the core principles and application of proper movement strategies. It will break down the body region by region, giving you an in-depth ability to solve problems throughout the entire body.


Unit 1: Principles

This course will give you the background knowledge in anatomy and biomechanical principles to better understand the function of a joint from a structural and functional standpoint. You will learn the mechanics of the axial skeleton, shoulder, neck, elbow, hand, low back, hip, knee, ankle and foot.


Unit 2: Assessments

You will use these principles to learn how to accurately assess the upper and lower body. You will learn to identify a lack of function at the joint level as it is dictated by the underlying anatomy and biomechanics of each region.


Unit 3: Joint Mechanics and Application

Once you have an understanding of the principles that dictate function and an understanding of how to assess each region, you will learn how to build a program to get your clients the most effective and expedient results. This will include learning how to properly progress a program and you will apply this knowledge with a case study.

What You'll Learn...

Axial Skeletal Mechanics
How the skeleton is designed to move, and how it responds to external forces.
Pain Science
Common mechanisms of musculoskeletal pain.
Anatomy & Mechanics of Joints
How the joints are designed to articulate, and how they respond to external forces.
Anatomy & Mechanics of Structures
How structural elements influence movement.
Biomechanical Principles of Movement
The base biomechanical principles that govern human movement.
Lower Body Assessments
How to assess the lower body for range and movement function/dysfunction.
Upper Body Assessments
How to assess the upper body for range and movement function/dysfunction.
Progressive Programming
Designing programs that compound progressions in movement function to yield faster results.
Movement Analysis Case Study
Real-world case studies of movement dysfunction, with practical application of course principles.

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Weekly Live Lectures
Delivered live by Pre-Script® coach and Registered Physiotherapist Kyle Baxter. Each lecture is recorded for viewing at your convenience.
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Continuing Education Credits
This course is pre-approved by the NSCA for 2.0 CEUs and the NASM for 0.9 CEUs. (See the FAQ section on this page for more credit information.)
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Meet Your Instructor

Kyle Baxter

Registered Physiotherapist & Pre-Script® Coach

Kyle Baxter is a formally trained Physiotherapist, whose goal is bridging the gap between the clinical and performance realms. He currently consults from post-surgical cases to IFBB pros and everything in between. His principles-based approach to education focuses on breaking down complex topics into simple action items.

Frequently Asked Questions

Classes start on July 18, 2023. Live lecture and lab times will be established to reach the greatest amount of students, across the greatest amount of time zones.

Yes - Performance Mechanics is pre-approved by the NSCA for 2.0 CEUs and the NASM for 0.9 CEUs.

Additionally, this course can be petitioned for CEUs from other organizations.

Anyone can take this course - there are no specific prerequisites.

This course is valuable for ANYONE in the fitness or rehab space who wants to expand their knowledge in order to provide the best programming and results possible for their clientele. 

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When registration re-opens, we'll send you a discount code for 5% off course registration.