newsletter May 22, 2022


"The great aim of education is not knowledge, but action"

This impressionable line caught my attention recently and I find myself referencing it over and over again.

As a subscriber to this newsletter you’re likely someone who is passionate about continuing their education. Higher education, continued education courses, books, podcasts, and articles can all hold a tremendous amount of value when it comes to learning and improving our skill set as coaches. Understanding basic principles and having a general knowledge about how the human body works is essential to being a valuable coach. The issue arises when we are drowned in information but we don’t know what to do with it – we must learn to filter what really matters. 

Knowledge too often stays in the classroom. In this day and age all it takes is a few clicks on Instagram or YouTube to find an array of opinions from overly-confident but unactionable content providers. Their chief points have minimal application to 99% of the training obstacles we face with our clients or ourselves. Regardless of information quality, If we can’t put what we know to use then what purpose does it have?

To quote another line from the big man Jordan Shallow “Well done > Well said”. 

Books, courses, and rabbit holes can only get us so far. If we want to deliver results as a coach – there must come a time when learning that rubber has no choice but to meet the road.

Application helps us solidify knowledge, learn to simplify complex topics, and helps distinguish what really matters, when it matters. It gives us the actionable tools we can use to get the results our clients demand of us. 

Whatever we’re learning, we need to make a strong effort to apply it. Put words to work. Get sweat in the game, make the aim of our education actionable.

The results will pay dividends.