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Nov 26, 2021

By James Macintosh

James is an ex powerlifter, online coach, educator and Pre-Script coach. He believes that education is not just theory but, more importantly, applying what we are taught. James takes a detailed approach to the art of coaching by facilitating conversations to improve communication, programming and training protocols for coaches to develop their services.

Personality Profiling for Better Coaching. 

You can be the most knowledgeable coach out there, but if you cannot communicate with your clients, chances are your business will not be around for very long. Knowing how to communicate with each client will help you deliver your services more efficiently and lead to better results - ultimately what the client wants. 

A technique often overlooked and uncommonly used by coaches is personality profiling. The more we can understand your client’s personality type, the more effective we can communicate with them to create greater buy-in. 


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Nov 19, 2021

By James Thayer

James is an Assistant Director of Fitness and Wellness, educator, presenter and Pre-Script Coach. He believes the best approach to learning is to engage, educate and empower individuals and communities. James utilizes coaching, programming, performance and movement proficiency to set a standard for conversation to application. 

Dynamic Assessments

The initial intake assessment sets a foundation in which the start of the program is based on. It offers time to build a relationship with clients, develops cue connections, lines of communication and efficiency of movement. Assessing the movement quality and limitations or restrictions in mobility, stability and strength establishes what should be addressed in the program. 

While the initial assessment is important to the starting parameters of a program design it would be inefficient to conduct the initial assessment at the beginning of every session. This is where a dynamic assessment in the session can hold...

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TFL FUNCTION (Why Your Stick Figure Squat Is Wrong)

Nov 12, 2021

 By Jake Larsen

Beginning with wrestling and soccer, Jake has been immersed in fitness nearly his whole life.  Personal training and studying exercise in college were the natural progression of that passion.  Competing locally in bodybuilding and powerlifting, Jake currently studies exercise at university and does online coaching at Jackalstrength.com.

TFL Function

(and why your stick figure squat is wrong)

You know all those stick figure images on the internet that try to break down the “essential biomechanics of a squat”, or any other exercise?  Have you ever noticed that the people so interested in educating you on the importance of the biomechanical advantages of their stick figure squat positions seem to strangely resemble the stick figures they draw?  Put simply, the stick figure “biomechanics” model is wrong. 

There are no biomechanics to a two-dimensional image, it’s just mechanics (also known as basic physics)...

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Nov 10, 2021



This week on RX’D Radio, we welcome Michael Patella to the podcast! Mike is the founder of Commxn, a gym and coaching business located in Windsor, Ontario. Commxn offers unique and original services for their in-person and online clientele to achieve their personal fitness goals. Jiunta and Shallow sit down with Mike today to discuss crossing your passion with your career and the difference between creating a business versus a day job. They discuss the benefits and drawbacks of the brick and mortar versus digital business space and how these two spaces can benefit from the presence of the other. Michael walks us through the history and foundations of Commxn and how the Pre-Script™ team and educational platform have changed his career.



For other strength training, health, and injury prevention...

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Nov 05, 2021

By: Abdurahmaan Saloojee
Abdurahmaan is a Pre-Script coach from Ottawa who loves reading, traveling, and training. 

“Have you tried trying?” 


This is a Muscle-Doc-ism that makes for a great Instagram caption, but let’s dig a little deeper and understand what this means. This is especially pertinent to many budding coaches getting started in the fitness space that are being confronted with the sheer landslide of information about training for the first time. 


Much of coaching and more specifically, effective programming, revolves around optimizing training. “How can I make this exercise more effective?” “How can I make this workout split better?” “How can I get this client to perform this exercise so they can achieve their goals faster?” As coaches progress through their intellectual journey, they may realize that more often than not, many kinds of optimization rest at the top of the tree: there are...

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