newsletter Mar 28, 2024

What Is A “Niche”

When, where, and why are they valuable to your career.

By Devya Fluckiger

Devya Fluckiger is a Registered Nurse and a full time online Holistic Nutrition & Wellness Coach / Trainer. Her main areas of interest pertain to general population clients as well more complex client populations with hormone imbalances and gut health issues. 

Select a Target

The market for online coaching has exponentially increased since the pandemic surge of 2020. From the trainer’s perspective, the perception of needing a client “niche” has similarly surged. The definition of the term “niche” can be open for interpretation and may vary in an individual coach’s underlying intention. 

A niche, in business terms, stipulates targeting a specific audience to attract to a product or service. Anecdotally speaking, it’s common for a coach to undergo a journey in finding who that target audience is. 

Discover Your Audience

When determining a target audience, some coaches may consider, “how much will a person pay me? I need to attract high-end clientele”. If one is new to the coaching space, focussing solely on these factors may unintentionally increase the barrier to entry of one’s services. This deprives a new coach of gaining experience with diverse lifestyle populations and learning opportunities. On the flip side, it is extremely efficacious for a coach to consider oneself as an intern. Aim to treat the knowledge you accumulate as currency in the first 2-3 years of your coaching journey. This will add as many tools to your coaching toolbox as possible.

After an appreciable amount of time and gained experience, a coach may be drawn to particular aspects of the profession. There may be certain problems one enjoys solving the most, as well as a populous they may attract. As a result, marketing may naturally shift to that group over time. This makes client accumulation and long term retention a more seamless process. 

Alternatively, who a coach is as a human being may be what draws in the clientele. It is easy to get lost in the myriad of the latest literature, health claims, and trying to “one-up” other coaches on the internet. It is important to not lose sight of the kind of person one wants to be who wears the coaching hat. 

Clarity of Intent

Think of your marketing. Consider, “am I communicating this to educate, empower, or to relate to my audience?”. “Does this align with my values as a coach? Do my values as a coach align with the kind of human I wish to be?”.

Get clear on who you are, what you stand for, what you do not stand for, and the problems you enjoy solving the most. Allow your marketing platform to be a mere reflection of the aforementioned points.The type of client you enjoy working with most will come to you. Your vibe attracts your tribe as the kids say.