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newsletter Jan 18, 2024

The Toxic Search for Perfection

The roadblock to gains is all in your head.

By Eric Bugera

  • Paralysis by analysis is incredibly pervasive.
  • Nothing starts as the finished product, everything is iterative.
  • Don’t be afraid to start your process, it never ends but most people never begin.


Perfectionism is Procrastination

As a disclaimer, genuine mental health issues are outside of the scope of this article’s consideration and should be addressed through professional resources.

The devil is in the details, or at least the procrastination is. Perfectionism in the fitness space leads to countless dead ideas and lost potential. This silent and paralyzing attachment to flawlessness – whether it be presenting skills, creative design, or even programming – sidelines coaches and limits genuine contribution to the field. In a space that desperately needs new ideas and diversification of perspective, don’t let unchecked neuroticism prevent you from getting involved.

Pick Your Poison

Indecision has the same outcome as intentionally choosing to not pursue something. The catch is that indecision soaks up precious time as you agonize over the pros and cons. Either you’re going to sit on your hands and consider every possible “if” or you’re going to keep your feet planted in reality and carve out a path forward. This looks like iterating. Taking one idea and presenting it to the world in the way that it initially formed in your head. This doesn’t mean that the project is over, but it does mean that you’re aware enough to take action. 

Your social media posts don’t need to have fancy graphics or taglines on day one. They need to keep you in the sightline of your potential clients. Your training footage doesn’t need to be filmed in 4K ULTRAHD with Michael Bay visual effects – they need to present hard work. Not everything you say or do needs to be revolutionary, “breaking rules” and pushing back against the “fitness machine”. Just be there in the way you needed someone on day one of your own fitness journey.

Inspiration comes from iteration, both for you and potential clients. No one cares about the destination nearly as much as they think they do – it’s always been the journey. If growth is the primary thing that we’re helping clients achieve, model it as such. 

Choose progress instead of being paralyzed desperately searching for perfection.

Send It

Nothing is perfect on day one, but what is perfect is that no one notices. Trace the brand and messaging of your favorite product back 10-20 years and look at the first few iterations. They are absolutely nothing like they are now, but no one seems to care. That is you. You are in the infancy of what can be a long and successful career – currently being hamstrung but a hypothetical that never actually happens. Trust yourself enough to tinker, save each version, and reflect a year from now how far your product has come.

  • Select your product or project.
  • Develop your initial outline.
  • Present it, and immediately begin the iteration process.