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May 26, 2021



Dr. Jordan Shallow welcomes Professional Bodybuilder and fellow Newfie, Francis McGrath to RX’D Radio. Frank reflects on how things have changed since growing up in the tiny town of Dunville, Newfoundland as he moved across North America to build his career in bodybuilding. He walks us through his first steps on stage to become Mr. Newfoundland at the young age of 22, reflects on how his fame has changed his life, and how his relationship with his family and community evolved as he pursued his professional career. The men spend significant time spilling memories of their heritage, entertaining old-school traditions, and reflecting on the welcoming community that is “Newfie.” Tune in!.


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May 19, 2021



This week RX’D Radio welcomes professional bodybuilder Regan Grimes to the studio. Regan started his career in Bodybuilding at the age of 19, earning his pro-card at just 22 years old. Today he shares with us how he was able to build his full-time career in Bodybuilding at such a young age, and Shallow interviews Regan about some of the greatest obstacles and significant failures he has faced in doing so. Regan gives us details on some of his biggest competitions including his appearance on the Olympia stage as well as reflects on some realities behind what it takes to be a full time professional Bodybuilder. Regan outlines his goals for the future and how he stays regimented to his training during shutdowns with competitions still being far out of reach.


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May 12, 2021



Today we welcome back Muscle Bill to RX’D Radio to sit down with Killian Hamilton and Jordan Shallow. Former powerlifter and ongoing iron enthusiast, Muscle Bill has faced a very unique set of health challenges throughout his life that have helped him to develop a unique perspective on the world around him. Bill uses these perspectives as a catalyst for change, helping to coach and mentor others towards success in their own personal goals.

Bill tells us some intimate stories of his near-death experiences and how he has managed to process and cope with the challenges he has faced. The team discusses what it means to identify with an illness, and Bill highlights how this may differ between someone who has grown up with a condition versus an individual who has been diagnosed at a later stage in life. They talk about the experiences that help to calibrate one's perception of hardship, and they  reflect on their individual capacities for...

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May 05, 2021



Today we will sit with Dr. Jordan Shallow, Canadian Head Coach Killian Hamilton, and the behind-the-scenes tech guru Kyle Lundy. RX’D Radio Team Canada discusses what life was like for Shallow and Lundy growing up in Windsor, Ontario which leads into a conversation around violence and the role it has played in each of their lives. Killian provides a different perspective on fighting as a sport and gives us insight into how his father nurtured his approach to confrontation. The group discusses why violence should be considered the answer, and how exposure to technology and the internet has changed societies' understanding and perception of the world around them.



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Apr 28, 2021



Today RX’D Radio welcomes returning guest and old friend, Jordan Moffitt. Jordan is the owner of Bacon and Barbells Co, an athletic apparel company that he founded as a creative outlet and way to support the Powerlifting community he loves.

Shallow, Killian and Moffitt chat round table-style today, starting with the founding of Bacon and Barbells Co as well as Moffitt’s transition into skateboarding over the last year. The crew discusses what it really means to be “100% in” on One Thing versus Everything, and whether this approach can be sustainable or not in the long term. Each of them discuss their different passions, outlets for creativity, and views on where work and fitness have fit into their lives. They debate etiquettes of social media, question its positive and negative impacts, and reflect on its worth in their business versus personal lives.


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Apr 21, 2021



Dr. Jordan Shallow and Killian Hamilton start off this episode of RX’D Radio by reliving some of their most interesting and awkward DM interactions. After some entertaining personal stories, the conversation turns to defining “the best athlete of all time.” The team runs through names of their most respected and favorited athletes, breaking down the criteria they value in an individual’s athleticism. We talk skill, epigenetics, and all the intangibles that create some of the best in the world, bringing up names such as Serena Williams, Usain Bolt, Tom Brady and Tiger Woods. To finish off Killian, Shallow and behind the scenes man, Kyle Lundy all conclude by giving us their favourites based on their own personal criteria.


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Apr 14, 2021


 Dr Jordan Shallow and Killian Hamilton are back this week to break in the new official studio of RX’D Radio! A very special surprise, we get a sneak peek at the man behind the audio curtain, Kyle Lundy. Jordan and Kyle relive the early years of the podcast and how Kyle joined the Pre-Script™ team. Shallow gives us an insider look at traveling between Canada and the USA during the pandemic. The conversation turns to how the government restrictions have affected our usage of social media, as well as how the internet has relinquished people from taking responsibility for the things they say and do. Shallow posits how most confrontations are instigated because of the desire for an argument, not necessarily for the antidote. We get insight into life growing up in Windsor, ON and explore the risks of starting your own online business versus coaching in a commercial gym. The boys remind us that it is okay to be happy, and give us some take...
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Apr 07, 2021


This week we sat down with good friends of RX’D Radio, Dr. Stefi Cohen and Mr. Hayden Bowe who together own Hybrid Performance Method in Miami, Florida. Both Hayden and Stefi are two of the world's top strength athletes, and they use their collective experience and knowledge to educate and revolutionize the strength community.

 Kicking off today’s podcast, the group discusses the manifestation of fear and how a person can adjust the mindset to better cope with and mitigate fears and anxieties. The discussion also dives into deep topics of gender equality and stereotypes in relationships and careers. Stefi speaks out on personal experiences of discrimination, and the crew discusses how evolution and natural selection have been impacted by the criteria society now uses for mate selection. We talk perspective, dancing monkeys, and when violence IS the answer to a problem. Tune in!



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Mar 31, 2021


This week on RX’D Radio the boys sat down with the team at Hybrid Performance Method, specifically to speak with Fernando Reis. Fernando hails from Brazil, and is one of the top 5 Olympic Weightlifting athletes in the world, having set multiple world records and competing in both the London 2012 and Rio 2016 Olympic Games. He is currently a coach at Hybrid Performance Method gym, and is preparing for the next Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Fernando talks about growing up in Brazil and he walks us through a personal story about robbery, and he highlights the astounding rates of violent crime in the country. He discusses how he became connected with Hybrid Performance Method, and reflects back upon his experiences preparing for and competing in the Olympic and PanAm Games. He discusses the greatest achievements and failures of his career in Olympic lifting, what motivates him to continue to improve, and provides his best advice to up and coming weightlifting...

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Mar 24, 2021


We're back with the RX'D Radio Docs this week as we dive into the topic of professional athletes. Specifically, Shallow expresses his rather strong opinions on the athletic career of veteran QB, Tom Brady. Shallow shares with us his theory of "Tom Brady as America’s Smoke Bomb," that is, Brady's mistakes have only to been deployed when the USA needs a distraction. Shallow and Jiunta compare and contrast Brady with  Michael Jordan and even bring the controversy of Jeffrey Epstein into the mix. The boys share frustration over “certified body coaches” and what that credential - or lack thereof - really means in the fitness industry. Join in for a wild ride through conspiracy theories and good stories!

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